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Creativity E-Book


Share your experiences and wisdom of creativity. Please respond to any/all of the following questions and send us your musings. This E-Book* on Creativity is intended to be FOR the people, BY the people and OF the people – a reclaiming of creativity as a birthright and as an energy that resides and moves through every being on the planet. We welcome you to share your experiences, your voice and your wisdom! Send an email with submissions to creativitysummit@yahoo.com.

1. What is “creativity” to you?
2. How do you connect to creativity? When is a time in your life that you have deeply connected to creativity?
3. Have you ever experienced healing or growth through connecting to the creative force? Share a brief story.
4. What’s a favorite practice you use with yourself or with groups (if you are a group facilitator) that helps connect to creativity?

Submissions can be written or in pictures/images (jpeg format) and poetry. Please do not exceed 1000 words). We also encourage one or two paragraphs (max 50 words) of a creative bio of yourself (a regular one is ok too!). Such as answering these questions:

1) If I were a landscape I…?
2) Which Color describes you most of the days?
3) What gifts are your bringing to this world, a quality such a taste or smell or image that symbolizes your value/gifts?

For example, Nicki Koethner, MA, MFT, wrote: I’m an ocean sandy beach with palm trees on a sunny breezy day. Rainbow colored sweet delight with wild hair playing joyously in the mud touching hearts, integrating body mind and spirit to empower the journey of the soul. Find out more about Nicki’s work at www.express-explore-expand.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

Nicki and Suraya
Co-Hosts, Power of Creativity Telesummit
Co-Editors, E-Book: Creativity for all People (working title)
*This book will be offered as a free guide or donations accepted for the editors for their work putting it together.

© 2012 Suraya Keating
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