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Private Practice

Sessions available in San Rafael office or through SKYPE


Call 510-841-0888 or email surayasusana@yahoo.com

“Far better to live your own path imperfectly than to live another’s perfectly.”

- From the Bhagavad Gita

Authenticity.  What if you completely trusted that dropping into your authentic self was all you needed to do to live a life of peace, fulfillment, love and joy?  What if you really got that there was nothing you need to change about yourself (or anybody else – for that matter)?  What if authenticity and integrity guided you in every decision you made in your life?

Do you want to:

- feel connected to your authentic self and fulfilled by the life your are living?

- trust in the abundance that life has to offer you?

- be empowered to make choices that are aligned with your soul’s calling?

- feel connected to and thriving with creativity?

- be open-hearted and filled with love for yourself and others?

- learn how to transform physical distress in the body (e.g., chronic headaches, muscle tension, anxiety, etc.) into gateways for healing and growth?

- be able to set boundaries and say “no” in order to say “yes” to what really matters to you?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above sessions, then you may benefit from private psychotherapy sessions.  The work I do is designed to connect your body, mind and heart as we explore together ways of being that are no longer serving your soul’s growth, and place our focus on lining up with your soul’s inner evolution into empowerment abundance and love.  I offer the following services to choose from:

INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOTHERAPY: Available for in-person appointments at my San Rafael office, or for phone or SKYPE sessions. Sliding scale fee: contact me at surayasusana@yahoo.com for current rates.

2 SESSION (50 minutes each) DISCOUNT PACKAGE: $220 for first time clients only.

13 SESSION (50 minutes each) DISCOUNT PACKAGE: Call for pricing: 510-841-0888

SESSIONS 1-4: DREAM – In the DREAM component of our work together, you will identify the life that you DREAM of living – a life that in which you feel fulfilled, inspired, nourished and able to share your authentic self and your many gifts with the world. A combination of expressive arts and psychotherapeutic approaches  including writing, active imagination, vision boarding and other processes will be used to help you to clarify, expand and refine your dream.

SESSIONS 5-8: BELIEVE – During the BELIEVE segment of our work, we dive deep into beliefs you hold around your dream life.  Within a compassionate, spacious container, we examine  beliefs that have been holding you back from realizing your dream, and gently begin to loosen the hold of those limited beliefs.  Using an eclectic mix of exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy, drama therapy and law-of-attraction work, we “call in” to your body, heart and mind those beliefs that support you in thriving – in living your biggest dream for you life.

SESSIONS 9-12: RECEIVE – Building on the work we have done in sessions 5-8, we move now into the world of actions, and begin to identify action steps that align with beliefs that are connected to your deepest wisdom.  By taking actions that spring not from limiting beliefs but from beliefs connected to your highest knowing, you awaken your soul into living your dream – living the life that you are truly meant to live.

SESSION 13: CLOSING RITUAL – Our final session takes a ritualized format, in which we co-create a ceremony in which you let go of (and sometimes grieve) the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as the old self the identified with those beliefs. We then in a ritualized way welcome your new self, guided by your deepest wisdom, to emerge and thrive.

MY THERAPEUTIC APPROACH: As a therapist, I take a compassionate, action-oriented approach to help you connect to your soul’s wisdom as you are guided towards right alignment of your body, mind and heart.  Trained as an expressive arts and drama therapist, I offer arts tools when appropriate to help deepen and catalyze our work together.  If you are interested in setting up a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the possibility of working together, call (510) 841-0888.  I work with individuals in my San Rafael office and also offer phone and skype sessions.


What I loved about working with Suraya is that while she helped me tap into what was holding me back in a very compassionate way, we didn’t stay stuck there.  She found ways to inspire me to not just talk about my dreams but to take acitons towards achieving them.   – Beth H.

I had been doing various forms of talk therapy for ten years, and after a while it seemed like all the talking just kept me more in my head.  I was nervous about the idea of using the arts in therapy at first, but after getting through my initial resistance, I was surprised to see how much I actually liked doing the arts processes – both in and out of session.  The movement work in particular helped me to look at patterns of negativity  I was holding in my body. Exploring new ways of moving had a direct positive effect on the way I think and feel about myself.  – Peter T.




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