"We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep." - William James

Group Trainings

Group Trainings in Expressive Arts and Drama Therapy

I have long resonated with the principle of Relational Cultural Theory that there is only one dis-ease on this planet: the dis-ease of disconnection.  It is connection that so many of us need an long for: true, heartfelt connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the Earth and all beings.  To me, this is one of the key power of utilizing the arts as healing, as the arts and creativity have an amazing ability to cultivate connection on all these levels.  Read on to see if you may benefit from a group training on using the arts to build connection.

- Are you wanting to bring new inspiration or freshness to your work with individual clients?

- Would you like to learn simple, practical tools from the arts that enhance engagement of youth or adults and simultaneously build connection, unity and community? 

- Are you feeling called to use more embodied, whole-person approaches to cultivating joy and wellness in the workplace or with the clients that you serve?

Suraya offers master trainings in Expressive Arts and Drama Therapy practices for agencies, schools and businesses who are interested in learning cutting-edge arts practices that build unity and community and promote self-expression, joy and a heightened sense of engagement. Whether you are interested in cultivating connection among team members at your agency or business, or interested in learning how the arts can help you in your work with clients in your psychotherapy practice, Suraya designs trainings to meet the needs of your group.  Call or email for pricing.


"The services that you brought us was more than I ever imagined.  I saw a transformation in the group, and how the Drama Therapy tools you taught us helped the group members connect to inner gifts they didn't even know they had.  Thank you!"  - M.P.

"Being a part of your Expressive Arts Therapy training changed my life.  I never knew how much the arts could be so accessible to so many people.  The way you presented things made things easy rather than intimidating."  - D.G.

"The training you brought to our staff at the hospital was so refreshing.  We rarely get to engage with each other in such fun and uplifting ways.  We'd love to have you back!"  - T. S.



Please contact Suraya for a free phone or email consultation to discuss how she can design a group training to meet the needs of your group or clientele.  Phone: (510) 841-0888 Email: surayasusana@yahoo.com