"If we bring forth that which is within us, it will save us." - Gospel of thomas

Solo Performance Coaching

Do you have a story you'd like to share based on your life experience?


Suraya is passionate about helping others write and perform self-revelatory or solo performance pieces as a transformative rite of passage experience. She has written and performed 4 of her own self-revelatory performances, and toured one of those shows at the United Solo Festival in New York City in 2013.   By cultivating a space of unconditional love, playfulness and awareness, Suraya loves guiding others in uncovering narratives that empower, inspire and help us to grow in our soul’s journey. In both her role as Shakespeare for Social Justice Director with Marin Shakespeare Company and as a private solo performance coach, Suraya has assisted dozens of individuals in uncovering, shaping, refining and performing whatever story they feel called to share.


"I was feeling stuck about a how to share my story in a way that would be healing for me rather than re-wounding me.  I can't thank Suraya enough for how sensitive, patient and encouraging she was with me in this process. She truly attuned to what I needed every step of the way."   - A.S.

"I call Suraya the Theater Whisperer, because she was able to pull out of me stories that needed and wanted to be shared when I had no idea of where or how to begin.  Somehow, several months later, I felt so proud of how I fully developed and performed my piece with her support."  - J.C.